Thursday, September 04, 2008

Labor Day x Las Vegas 2008 Video Recap

It is what it is. Just wanted to thank everyone for a great time in Vegas. I used some of the other pictures, but mostly from the first night only. Shout outs to the Michigan crew. Hope to see you guys again soon. So here's a recap of the weekend along with a video I put together. I apologize for the crappy quality. Once I get it on Vimeo, I'll update it. Youtube will have to do for now.

UPDATE: It's on Vimeo!! (And I'm drunk...)

Day 1: TASA Convention in Vegas!
Day 2: A Night Out on the Town
Day 3: A Small Price to Pay, but Spontenaety Pays Off

Peace out!

UPDATE: OK! So now Vimeo is being unreliable these days, so here's the original Youtube video.


The Pita said...

solid vid, jm. thanks for the mammories.

Anonymous said...

1. He is sooooo gay.

2. Where did you stay? That big room looked awesome!

3. Great video! Glad you had a good time. Youre a vegas pro now!