Sunday, November 07, 2010

birthiversary (via KaYoTiK)

No song on your post Brian? Lazy.

The Knocks - Dancing With the DJ by Aerodysc

After a very clever prank Channy and I played on Drian, I got this text from B-Mo on Wednesday (i.e. his birthday):

Eff it. Let me know if you wanna go out tonite.


Drinking. Going out. Painting your finger nails. Droppin' lines on girls. Brian has been gradually breaking out of his shell. But after Wednesday, I don't foresee any drinking like THAT for a while. After some mass texting to the locals who would be interested in celebrating his birthday at Short Stop (INCLUDING OUR COUSIN CASSEY YEAH!!), here are the results: lots of drunk choreographed dancing from Drian, Brian's first dirty/danger/LA dog, and some epic drunk talk from Brian in the car.

(And sorry for the blurry pictures. I'll stick to my point and shoot bro.)*

week's been busy. i hate blogging.
went out randomly wednesday night to LA for my actual birthday.
i think i've been dehydrated since then.
blurry pics thanks to darkness/jomo's skills

you got served

maggie! and cousin cassey?!? actual cousin status too.

SD peeps


semi-burbank crew

cody killing it

so cute!




if this was in motion, it would be used in a movie trailer about our lives.

jrunk (jomo-drunk)
(The proper phrase is actually "Jomo wasted".)

BLURR! gucci. first dirty/danger dog. yums.

group shots with birthday guy!

super gone. with the ladies. all goofy smiles.


my beard is more epic

back home. guess what's in the bag...

about 1/4th of my output. the rest was at maggies. #noshame

thanks soo so much to the peeps that came out, texted, facebook'd, and @twit. it really has been the best birthday i've had.

I can't believe you actually went to work in the morning. Glad you enjoyed your birthday bro. I guess this partially makes up for all the drunk times you took care of me (I know, I still owe you). Luckily, MY birthday is coming up in a few months soooo.... THANKS IN ADVANCE? ;)

*Actually the blurry pictures are appropriate as it replicates your blurry vision from getting so damn CRUNK son.

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