Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 25: Thanksgiving After-Hours

I was gonna save this song for the Sunday shopping trip with the A-Team, but found a better song for that post. Plus this song is more chill for this post anyway.

Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire

Since our family did Thanksgiving lunch, Brian and I really had no evening plans. Evita was pretty unoccupied after her family dinner, and Millar finished his family dinner and had an empty house. So Millar invited us over to just chill with some drinks and games.

I normally go out to a bar or club whenever I want to have a drink. Sometimes I forget how much fun you can have with a few good friends, music, a deck of cards, and some drinks. The Anti-NorCal meetup was nothing short of successful.

Brian had a sore throat. Nothing like some brandy on the rocks to cure ya.

We started off quick with that game Belle taught us last week. With 4 players, a standard 52-card deck allowed for 3 games for us. Plenty of giving and taking of swigs to warm us up.
Pick your poison: brandy, wine, beer, or mix and match your favorites.

Another new drinking game! Pyramid. This game REALLY got us messed up. And by "us", I mostly mean Millar who called BS on the 4th level and failed. 16 swigs?! Good god...

Magic trick intermission.

But I'm pretty sure Stephen Chen showed me how this one worked. But nice "slight of hand" moves Jason! No homo.

Drunk speed between Brian and Millar. I video taped it, but it was pretty anti-climatic.

Auto-light show intermission.

Pelican beaks.

Cigarettes. Brandy. Sniffer. Beers. Cards. Mancave status.

Up next: Drunk Driver card game. Simple concept. Dangerous as hell!

Well after all those drinks, we definitely couldn't drive home right away. So Evita brought out some leftovers from her family dinner. Turkey leg (WITH PAUL'S GRAVY!), ham, mashed potatoes, and bread. Lifesavers.

OOOH and apple pie! Nice.

Awesome random night guys. Let's do it again!

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