Sunday, November 07, 2010

post-HOBing (via KaYoTiK)

Lots of blog stealing from Drian (Drunk Brian) this week. Yay.

blacked out....

just kidding. everyone else forgot everything. 3 hours of sleep in, the room woke up around 8am. i pieced together all the stories people were trying to explain. people were in discussion about getting early-morning pho, so we checked out early and went to this spot right when they opened at 9:30.

plug for the local spot.


i skipped the pho since i'm still not that huge a fan and went with the stir fry.

it's my new go-to


evelyn convinced me to get a smoothie on our way out. haven't had boba this good in years.

got dropped off at jomo's spot as the OC peepes headed home. lap of luxury right here.

thennnn to blends to meet up with SDers for lunch. boob wall.

everybody nose

she ended up writing "julz is gay for vaginas", so it cancels out.


i like the composition in this one

thanks for the compliment self

jomo put on some pantyhose

new converse for self

plus he bought me the new pacman trainers for my bday. TANKSQ!!

people finally got gathered for j.wok next door

pad thai

flied lice

korean cheesesteak

good weekend. thanks everyone!!!

Yep good weekend!

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