Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 12: Childish Gambino @ The Music Box

Yes Mayer Hawthorne was the headliner and he was dope as hell too, but we really came for our boy Donald. GUYS NIGHT OUT.

Remember allover print tees? This one specifically done by FreshJive?

Brian insisted that we get there early. A little TOO early... The opening act for Childish? A bad karaoke act. But at least we got to enjoy the leftover appetizers!

How to Make it in America.

New 5&A Dime mustache decal.

The guys: Alex, James, Brian, Millar, Reyes.

I do not talk...


Happy fans. Ready to fight.

In between sets we went back to the rooftop to chill and take lame group pictures. These really were not my idea. I was taking a picture of the ground to test my flash and everyone decided to stick their foot in too. It went downhill from there...

Sneaker shot.

Star shot. Thanks for screwing that one up Ryan. Dick.

"Alright, everyone put your hands straight in like this... Now curl it. Isn't that sick?!?"
No Millar, it's not. It looks like a gay hand orgy.

You got your yellow sun dress on... I'm tryin' to write you the best song...

Mayer Hawthorne.

We lost our spot on the floor so the Black Jacket Crew decided to call it a night. Headed to Burbank for some Jumbo Jacks and Youtube f*ckery. Good times.

And I wasn't too satisfied with the video I took that night, so here's the footage I finally uploaded from the Fat Beats LA Show.

Childish Gambino @ Fat Beats LA (9.8.2010) from Jomo.

Childish Gambino @ Fat Beats LA (9.8.2010) from Jomo.

Childish Gambino @ Fat Beats LA (9.8.2010) from Jomo.

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