Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 25: Thanksgiving Dinner Lunch #4

I would have copied Brian's Turkey Bowl 2010 post, but I was barely a part of it. After rushing back up from San Diego to make it an hour late, I was put into the game. 2 plays later, I pivot off my left knee and I'm hobbling off to the sideline. Goddamn it! Everytime I think it's getting better, I start all over... :(

I should have just stuck with playing on the strongside.

Pleasant surprise. My mom actually got the day off from work so we had a last-minute Thanksgiving Lunch instead of dinner. We didn't want to be too fancy and we didn't have time to really make a home-cooked meal. So we just got Woodranch BBQ to go. BBQ chicken, babyback ribs, and tri-tip with coleslaw, mashed potatoes, garlic rolls, corn bread, and pumpkin pie. I was tired of ham and turkey anyway!

Somehow, after 4 Thanksgiving meals, I didn't gain any weight! That's not a sign of bad cooking by any means. I'll tally that one to me being sick. Operation: Anti-Weight Gain was a success.

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