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Nov 20: Thanksgiving - Part 1 (via KaYoTiK)

Typed "Thanksgiving" into Soundcloud and this song came up first. Diggin' it!

Doris Day - Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy

Thanksgiving Dinner #1 for me. Location, Diana/Evita's (aka DiVita's) apartment. I was coming down with a cold which sorta made me below my party par, but kept me from overeating. Everyone brought great dishes to eat! We definitely had a larger amount of protein compared to carbs so we weren't food-coma'ed out. As a result, we played lots of drinking games: Celebrity, Most Likely, a new game from Belle that got us SUPER CHOCOLATE wasted, and then drunken Apples 2 Apples. (We all ended up drinking beers, sangria, and champagne; an excellent buzz mix that didn't get us f*cked up.) Thanks to DiVita for having us over and thanks to everyone for contributing to the meal! Thanksgiving makes me happy.

The clusterf*ck of captions below for Brian's post... a majority of these are from 3rd parties who were at Thanksgiving Dinner #2 in Burbank. These 3rd parties did not get to preview the pictures, hence the randomness. I will be deciphering the caption (what does it mean?) and providing a more relevant caption as well.

back from my photo-hiatus. gathered at the divita household to have a friendly thanksgiving potluck. food and drinks and games and phones and tv and sleep. good times.

i'll be short with the captions because there's another dinner going down right now and i'm neglecting the people around me...(the same people we were hanging out with last night).

scratch that. captions provided by anything in james yonten's head and random quotes that are currently being spatted out.

Where are we going!?!?!?
(We're actually LEAVING Anaheim Hills, not exiting. Awesome shot B-Mo.)

noooo, i don't know. oh my gah.
(Alright, maybe deciphering these captions will be impossible... Hi Eileen!)

they're coming back for thanksgiving!
(Not sure who "they" is in reference to. I must have told a really funny joke to Alex though.)

Best hamburgers ever!
(No clue. Chef Paul in deep thought?)

I do not talk...
(I AM JUST A RAPPER! Childish Gambino. Here's Anson making his famous veggie casserole.)

I am just a rapper!
(Ooops, punchline was premature. Apples for the baked brie!)

rescue rangers
(A discussion of old Disney cartoons. RIBS SON!)

I like the one with nuts
(Maybe we're talking about candy or some kind of dessert. Or maybe poo... Hey it's turkey!)

there's like 5 different types of cheese.
(Talking about Diana's mac 'n cheese for Dinner #2. Another angle of the turkey!)

I am too lazy and i'm tired of it right now
(Brian telling James that he doesn't want to blog at the moment. Too bad. Martinelli's is always a great default for the non-alcoholics around the holidays.)

hottest disney princess. go.
(More disney talk. My favorite was always Jasmine from Aladdin. Baked brie sides.)

sleeping beauty's pretty hot....ariel was a slut...
(See above. Yummy baked brie!)

34Ds?!?! never heard of that...
(This must be a boob-size reference... Evita sampling the salad. (Wait a minute...))

Why dont we have this at home?
(Uhhhh... I think we're talking about the back-stretcher that Anson brought. Mags and Di sampling the brie.)

Pacquiao's Sister
(Anson's reference for Anna Paquin in the Celebrity Game. RIBS SON!!)

Guetta made a special appearance
(Reference to the Guetta concert at the Palladium that night? Anson trying on Eileen's jacket.)

he says without looking at the picture...?
(Not sure. Millar, Belle, and Alex exchanging stories?)

I bought this from forever 21
(Probably a reference to something that one of the guys was wearing at Dinner #2. Probably me. One of many pictures Brian took of me and Alex.)

It's so hard to crack his back!
(Evita talking about Alex's back and Anson's back stretcher. Peek-a-boo.)

what is jomo doing?
(I was on the floor using Anson's back stretcher. Mashed potatoes!)

Tsing Tao for life!
(Tsingtao Beer. Paul's a samurai with chef knives.)

kidrobot was here!
(...random. Maggie loves turkey.)

mr antisocial writing blogs to show off how many friends he has and how popular he is
(Someone talking about Brian I presume? I'm definitely not "Mr. Antisocial".Belle love turkey.)

what's something funny last night that someone said...
(Trying to remember something from Dinner #1 at Dinner #2... Fail. Time to eat!)

(SKRILLEX!! And yes the food was OMG too.)

heyyyy....HEYYY...hey youuuu...
(Someone trying to get someone else's attention? More food shots.)

What time did you go to Guetta?
(9pm. No line. More food shots.)

Did i watch it with you guys?
(Harry Potter I think... Group eating shot!)

chong li! chong li! chong li!
(I'm pretty sure someone looked at the picture for this one. FOR BOLO!)

(Someone must have looked at this picture too...)

May isnt going to be in nor cal
(We were trying to figure out who would be in SoCal during Thanksgiving. Everyone is geeking out and sharing their iPhone apps! Sorry Droid/Blackberry users.)

Harry Potter was alright
(No explanation needed. High Noon app vs Ligan! IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?!)

Why are you in that stretching machine?
(Anson's back stretcher reference. Paul lookin' a little cuh-razy...)

Drako turns good
(HP spoiler!? Boo. Alex serenading Ligan.)

now let's all play sudoku.
(Comment after Alice's snail joke. Millar, also serenading Ligan.)

who circumcised the banana?
(Paul's banana cream pie with the phallic banana tip in the middle.)

Most Likely to Misread during Celebrity...
(Reference to the Most Likely game, referencing the Celebrity game skills of Anson and Eileen. Kevin Bacon. I'm Derek Fisher!)

I hate the epilogue
(Harry Potter reference. 151 Shots for the losing team of Celebrity!)

I was there for 7 hours
(Reference to how long it took to make dinner? Drink up losers.)

THIS guy...
(A common phrase. Random? Maybe. Winning team: TEAM MOMO AND THE BALLERINAS!)

you know what happened!
(The beginning of the Most Likely game.)

Strovenoff flavor
(Huh? Millar blocking "Most Likely to"...."streak"?)

I was thinking about this
(Di-Ko winning the crown for "Most Likely to get the most tips as a waitress". Obviously... EVEN PAUL POINTED AT YOU FOOL!)

Jomo are you alright?
(I was zoning out due to sickness. Brian blocking "Most Likely to smell a girl's panties".)

very noiiicee!
(Not sure. Diana and Eileen drinking boxed sangria as sexily as possible... Alex with the nice front row seat.)

Paul made it out of cream of....
(Banana pie reference! And here's that card game that Belle successfully got most of the room drunk on. Thanks for showing us that game of death.)

hahaha Flinch
(::shrug:: Drunken Apples 2 Apples next.)

naw thats gizzard
(Paul's gravy was cream of mushroom and turkey parts. Tasted better than it sounds. Evita kicking back one.)

Aww, Jason left. let's talk about how we miss him.
(Reference to what we told Millar in regards to his leaving Dinner #1 early. Fobby!)

Its real big in Korea
(Starcraft? Now everyone is just sorta zoning out at Dinner #1.)

its actually tasty
(Rhubarb pie? Everyone slowly knocking out now...)

just like market

there was a fire fight
(What the hell...)

that was tremondously random. time to grub.

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