Friday, November 26, 2010

Nov 21: Thanksgiving - Part 2 (via KaYoTiK)

Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams

Not sure why Brian chose that song for his post... But at least my ham soup made from the leftover ham from the night before was a success! Thanks to the Burbank guys for hosting and to Evita for planning. Great, Scott.

thanksgiving dinner episode 2: return of the fat.
(i need to put these star wars references to rest)
sunday. headed back out to LA with jomo and james for the burbanker's potluck. once again the night was dominated by food and friends. however, it being a sunday night, we couldn't go too crazy with the games and drinks, so we mostly just focused on the pigging out. pictures are fewer too, so captions might actually make sense this time.

business as usual in the burbank house.

alex. always plotting his next move.

discussion of hottest disney princesses?

anson's meanest mug

beer sponsor of the weekend


effing phones...


move in a clockwise fashion...

...the OTHER clockwise

carbs and starches were a ever-present for this meal

turkey got mobbed super quick status

still packed

mac damage

pretty penis pies by paul

the return of SLIDESHOW SUNDAY!!

photobooth pics from our childish gambino excursion the previous week.

these were supposed to be scanned and sent out! what happened?!?

a little less random with the quotes...unfortunately a lot less entertaining i would say.

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