Monday, November 01, 2010

Oct 29: Guys and Dolls/Industry

Wallpaper - I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted by The Scenesters Run L.A.

And by "/Industry", I mean "are really cool".

And by Dolls, I mean "Evita's boobs".

(I never thought I'd get away with saying such things. But here I am!)

Since we were all doing different things on Saturday to celebrate Halloween, we all wanted to do something together Friday night. Someone knew the promoter or got us on guestlist at Guys and Dolls. Free before 11pm if you wear a costume! Easy enough, James only had to pick me up 25 minutes earlier. With our 11:25pm arrival, we disgruntledly paid for cover and met up with the rest of the group.

First person says to me "HEY KANYE!" Yes. Costume recognition afterall! It's gonna be a good night.

Then we took a scan of the crowd. Relatively empty. Fail....

...And no costumes*. SUPERFAIL. Here we were: Kanye, a wizard, a firefighter, Mario, Luigi, Freddy Krueger, a couple of sexy/slutty (insert here), and Santa Claus. Lookin' like a bunch of dorks. Eh, who cares.

Plan B: hit up Industry for "Lingerie Night". There's sure to be more people there!

And there were. Lots of people! Without costumes*! YESSSS PERFECT!

Plan C: Drink until you're drunk and don't care.

And we did. And it was good.

Guys and Dolls


Our "F*ck Reyes and Cesar" shot. Just kidding of course.

"The girls only come out to play once a year." -Evita.
This is only the beginning of the night...


At least our costumes let us to the front of the line quickly!


More boobs.

There she goes again...

Screw you all for being boring!

Blog exclusive (i.e. not going on Facebook).

"This is my old uniform! And yes, that's Tibetan on my arm." -Paul.
You never cease to amaze. You animal.

Evita sharing some of the spotlight.


A captain and her maid.

Whoa whoa whoa. This is too intense... ::brain explodes::

Overall, a jolly good night. Evita, you looked really cool.

*Note: An exaggeration. There were a few people in costumes at both spots. But far from enough to allow us to look normal.


ChannyM said...


When I saw the first pic of you I was like ugh who is that douche bag? Don't ever dress like that again. I don't like your costume.

PS. I love you.

KaYoTiK said...

best post ever.