Wednesday, August 06, 2008

They Lookin' For a Hero

Not much to blog today. A brief visit from Darcie (5&A Dime) to drop off some stuff for eBay auctions to raise some money for Jay, Aly, and Mike and their Gumball 3000 Rally Funds. Sorry I won't be in SD to see you guys off on Sunday. At work we had a blood donation drive. I hate how they keep calling my house to ask for blood, but at the same time I shouldn't be so lazy. Hopefully I'll be more willing to go and donate more often. It's easy and you may just help someone else and his/her family out. I also got to miss 1.5 hours of work hehe. And free snacks and drinks!

I love freebies. Especially funny/cute/witty stuff.


I guess I'ma hero.

For more information check here:
Or call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE

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