Friday, October 03, 2008

Sneaker Day at Work

Here's just a preview of what I wore to work today. As I said before, I gotta take advantage of my Sneaker Days at work! And since it's baseball playoff season, I'm hoping the Angels can get game 2 and keep our Sneaker Days alive longer! Last time I wore my Hawaiis. This time around was my Union 180s, courtesy of Ollie!

White to pink airbrush fade. Safari mudguard. Perforated leather. Sick.
Photobucket lacelocks! You can't buy these anywhere.

And in a previous post, I mentioned my opportunity for a set of Laker tickets courtesy of the Man. Well here's my selection. My strategy: pick all the teams I'd like to see against the Lakers, and put them in order based on date. That way I don't have to wait for my first choice wayyy down the line.

*Crosses fingers*

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