Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jammy Jamz of the Week

A new segment: Jammy Jamz of the week. Music has always been something important in my life. It can reflect or define my mood, tell a story, put me at peace, and fill a room with life. When some my friends heard about my blog, many thought it would be a music blog. I was going to make one, but I would just be ripping everything off from (All of these songs are courtesy of that site by the way.)

Each of these songs relate to love in one way or another. Hip-Hop and Love have always had a soft spot in my heart. Click the picture for a link to listen and download.
Ne-Yo & Fabolous - How I Do

Drake - Sooner than Later

Charles Hamilton - DSW

The best for last. THE TRUE JAMMY JAM OF THE WEEK!

Ghostface Killah - Computer Love

Roger & Zapp x Wu-Tang? Damn!

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