Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nov 04: History

This had to be the most-anticipated election to date. Unless you were living in a cave, you caught the fever. "Never in my lifetime..." seems to be a common sentiment. No matter whom you supported, you gotta realize that this was something historic. And I'm glad I was able to be a part of it and witness it unfold.

Today was definitely a good day. Today at work I had lunch with my team, team manager, and manager where we had a backed potato bar (basically you get a potato and have all kinds of toppings on it). Then we got to play some Apples to Apples. Work is great.

Afterwards I checked out the employee benefits fair where we basically got to ask any questions about or benefits before we signed up for 2009. I didn't have too many questions. I usually go for the freebies.

These weren't free, but they're new additions to my desk. Meet my friends Homer and Marge.

On my team, my desk is the designated candy spot. Once this is emptied, I'll plenty of candy from my Target binge.

One thing I found out about my employee benefits today was that they will reimburse up to $400 in expenses towards health and wellness. Well the wellness program wasn't news to me, but the fact that the company is gonna pay for this was!!!

And of course I hit the voting booth to be a part of history.

And may I add that John McCain gave a great concession speech.

Now excuse me as I watch this guy's acceptance speech...

Remarkable. Congratulations to you sir. Change is coming.

UPDATE: What a great speech. The story of the 106-year old lady from Atlanta was amazing and a suitable ending. YES WE CAN!

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DontEvenTrip said...

I'm sorry Palin.. We tried.... :\