Monday, December 22, 2008

The Alphabet Game

So yesterday at lunch at Tuscany in Vegas, we decide to kill a little time and play the Alphabet game. You basically go around in a circle making a series of statements (essentially a story) in alphabetical order. The point is to get through the whole alphabet while remembering what the previous statements were.

The players: Bruce, Jasmine, Daniel, myself, Kevin, Helen.

This post is simply the series of statements that we made yesterday. There aren't any other pictures for this post, but it's completely interactive. Please click on the hyperlinks for explanations, pictures, videos, and other potential references.

Also, I may have spiced it up a tad to make a more fluid storyline. Enjoy.

Bruce: So the other day I went to the sex shop to buy some Assless chaps.
Jasmine: Then I went to Ralph's to get a Banana for no particular reason.
Daniel: After that I went to the zoo to capture a Crocodile.
myself: Then I went to a Melissa Etheridge concert where I scissored a Dyke.
Kevin: I flew out to Africa to ride an Elephant.
Helen: Went back to the market to buy some Flowers.
Bruce: I brought the flowers back to the sex shop and came out with Gonorrhea
Jasmine: and Herpes
Daniel: from f**king the sex Intern.
myself: I worked up an appetite so I went to Red Robin to get a JalapeƱo burger.
Kevin: I drove to Costco and realized I should have went to K-Mart.
Helen: I was still hungry, so I went to Roy's and got Lambchops.
Bruce: I ate so much that I wanted to workout. So I went to a morgue with Jomo and went Munging.
Jasmine: I wanted to workout more. So I went to karate and killed a Narcissist.
Daniel: To go further in my workout, I went back to the sex shop again and got Oraface Oil.
myself: Then I called Billy and Brian and went to a rave and sucked on a Pacifier.
Kevin: I OD'd on X, and got kidnapped. I was forced to work at a marble Quarry.
Helen: The I was freed. I celebrated and went to a theme park to ride a Rollercoaster.
Bruce: I was so excited that I went to Jomo's house to Sh*t on his chest. (F**K YOU BRUCE.)
Jasmine: Then I went to Vegas so I could find Kitty and motorboat her Titty.
Daniel: Then I went to a baseball game to undress a transvestite Umpire.
myself: At the seventh inning stretch, Harry Caray came back to life and I sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame with him and Will Ferrell on a Vocoder.
Kevin: In the program, I read somewhere that Willy Wonka was changing his name to William Wallace.
Helen: I went to Fedex and made Xerox copies of the program.
Bruce: Then I went to a Houston Rockets game where I gave Yao Ming a Dutch Rudder.
Jasmine: And then I watched Zack Morris and AC Slater do a Double Dutch Rudder.

The End.

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Classic post, J-Money.