Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec 11: The Edison

Late on this post. And I don't have any pictures from this night so these are courtesy of mr jobeboje. On Thursday James and I went to the Edison to chill with Diana and her PT school friends to celebrate the end of their finals. Diana also claims it was for her birthday. Lies.

Happy!!.... end of your finals.

Damn I look like such a CREEPER!

We were also people watching on this set of people in the VIP. Two older distinguished men with some obviously younger women of exotic descent. James and I had a discussion here, deciding whether the guys were really good at picking up girls, or if the girls were just really big gold diggers. The bald guy on the left wasn't very good at getting the girl to make out with him, but he would often put her hand on his southern region. The other guy on the right must have drugged the other girl as she was passed out most of the night. That of course was the golden ticket to let him into makeout central.

I think they were the greatest gold diggers of the night.

It was nice meeting all you people. All 40 of you... Let's try that again sometime. Maybe I'll remember more names.

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